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Heinz's Memoirs

In 1939, eleven-year-old Heinz Vogel left the land of his birth, Czechoslovakia, with his parents to escape the Nazis. They left behind family and friends, who were to perish. They themselves had no idea where they would find refuge.

Heinz's memoirs tell the story - from the good years in the newly founded nation of Czechoslovakia, through the gathering storm, when the menace was evident even to a young boy, to the family's journey across Europe to England.

This is a work in progress; more chapters will be added as they are completed.


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Long live the Jews of Ostrava


Chapter 1: Ostrava/Czechoslovakia: A Brief History
Chapter 2: My Father, Alfred, and the Vogel family
Chapter 3: My Mother, Ethel, and the Slatner Family
Chapter 4: The Times of Peace, 1928-1938
Chapter 5: The Shadows of War, 1938-1939
Chapter 6: In Transit: A Polish Interlude, April-June 1939
Chapter 7: A 'Transient' Refuge in England, June 1939-May 1940
Chapter 8: Alfred Goes to War, May-July 1940
Appendix 1: Letter to Kerrie